Thursday, March 19, 2009

Illustration Friday - Orion

Here's my piece for "Legendary." Its Orion the Hunter, and his hunting dogs.. with Taurus the Bull, standing in for all the animals Orion hunted.

(click for a larger image)

Hi to folks from Illustration Friday! This blog is work from various students at Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Center for New Media, feel free to browse around! Lots of neat stuff. If you're interested in some more of my work, you can check out my personal blog, Drawing on Walls.

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Jade Dragon said...

Very nice! ^_^ I like the sort of... stained glass feel of it. I like the silvery outlines too.

On a seperate thought...I think it might be cool if you went for a total stained glass look- you know, with the bold dark lines of wrought iron?

In any case, nice work. ;)

Kaylan e. Senour said...

o... good Idea, Jade.

I originally had it with the lines being really bright, but not white.. and it seemed too busy? It's over Here if you want to look and see whattcha think of that instead.

SaiSai said...

Neat, that second one with the thicker borders makes it look very batik rather than stained glass.
I like how the stars shine through his shoulders.
Anyway, well done and congrats on pick of the week!


Congratuations. Great Illustration

cathyjune said...

Wow. What a unique and beautiful illustration. I like the illusion of depth and intensity of color

ValGalArt said...

very nice, i love the dogs :) Congratulations!

Alina Chau said...


Corinne said...

I love this! Orion is my favorite constellation - mainly because I can always find him. Congratulations on being pick of the week!

Jade Dragon said...

Hm... the white outlines are intresting too. ^_^ I wouldn't say it looks busy, though... it just has a different feel. The thinner lines make it seem delicate (like glass, in a way) while the thicker give it a more graphic novel kind of look.

It's cool how such a minor change can make a big difference in the way its perceived, isn't it? XD

Jade Dragon said...

I meant to say dimmer and brighter, not thinner and thicker. XD