Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 of 3 fish series

I am not sure if anyone has had this problem with their tablet, but I cant get the pen to stop painting by lifting up off the tablet surface, also I cant click on any of the menus like I used to be able to.  It is very hard to paint when you can't stop and pick up the pen and start at another spot.  I think I will try to remove the tablet program and reinstall it, I am not sure what else to do.  So, after doing the 3rd fish (fish in a bag) I couldn't do my 2nd scene last night like I planned.  I even tried to paint in photoshop but it does the same thing.  Scene 2 was going to be a fish net in a an aquarium with a kid looking through the glass.

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Kaylan e. Senour said...

Try opening up the Tablet options and playing with the sensitivity. Poke me at class tonight and I can show you where it is if you want and which settings to mess with. I originally had that sort of problem too with mine!

Bring your tablet to class though, just so that you can make sure its a problem with the software rather than the hardware. Sometimes if the pens are broken they act funky.