Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Upload for Amber Schull

I'm uploading Amber's final spot illustration. When she tried to upload it before, the colors were messed up. If this happens to you, open the jpg in Photoshop. Click on "Image" on the top toolbar. Go down to "Mode", holding the mouse down. A little menu should pop up and a check mark will be by the mode that your file is in. In order for the jpg to work on the web it needs to be in RGB mode. Files in Illustrator are in CMYK mode. If you are having similar problems, please check this before uploading.

Due on Tuesday Feb. 3, 2009

We have 2 things due on Tuesday:

1. Finished "Duo Color" assignments. Please post them to the blog before class.

2. Shakespeare Poster assignment. Bring 15 thumbnails and 3 sketches.

For the Shakespeare poster, here are the requirements:

- 11" width and 17" height
- Must have the name of the play and the word "Shakespeare" as part of the composition.
- You may add more play info if you would like, but the focus is on the title and the composition of the piece.

I look forward to seeing your completed artwork.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

finished spaceship assignment

Spaceship revised

new spot illustration per convo with mike

After talking to Mike via email, I decided to go ahead and work on my spot illustration a little more. This is what I came up with :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Color Duo Assignment for Tuesday

Here are the specs for the "Color Duo" Assignment.

1. 8.5"x11" format
2. 300 dpi
3. Pick 2 Colors to use for the Painting

For Tuesday bring:

15 Thumbnails and
3 Sketches

We will start class with a critique of the sketches and thumbnails.

Painter Hotkeys!

Here are a few Painter helps that I have found on the internet.

1. Painter "Keys"...

M = Magnifier
G = Grabber
E = Rotate Page
"." = Perspective (that's a period)
C = Crop
L = Lasso
W = Magic Wand
P = Pen
Q = Quick Curve
I = Rectangular Shape
J = Oval Shape
B = Brush (Freehand)
V = Brush (Straight Lines - not represented by a separate icon in the Tools palette.)
K = Paint Bucket
D = Dropper
R = Rectangular Selection
O = Oval Selection
F = Layer Adjuster
S = Selection Adjuster
H = Shape Selection
T = Text
Z = Scissors
A = Add Point
X = Remove Point
Y = Convert Point

I got this list from this ConceptArt forum.

2. "Merging" layers is called "Collapsing" layers in Painter.
First select the layers you want merged by holding the "shift" key and selecting them with the mouse. Second, press "Command+G" to put them in a group. Third, press "Command+Shift+X" to collapse them.

3. Undo is the same as Photoshop "Command+Z", but redo is "Command+Y".

4. When you create a layer sometimes you can't paint on the new layer. Here is what I found out about that:

Painter X (and I assume Painter 9) has a bug that makes it appear the Preserve Transparency box is disabled when it actually is enabled (even though there's no check in the box).


Click in the Preserve Transparency box until a checkmark appears. Then click once more to uncheck it and you should now be able to draw and paint on transparent areas of the Layer.

You'll need to do this again in each new Painter session.

I got that here.

There are many more questions answered in this forum: at
You can sign up for the forum and ask questions yourself as well.

I just wanted to thank the people that I quoted for the helps they have provided.

spot drawing


Jade Stevens- Assignment #1 (Re-Post)

Family Vacation 3009

Space Pimple - Kaylan

Okay. So, somewhere early in it's conception... I decided that the spaceship looked like it had Pimples, and it just became known as the Space Pimple. I'm pretty pleased with it, though its a lot... sketchier than I usually work. Still happy! 

Spot Illustration Assignment

Here is my Spaceship Spot Illustration.

spaceship with a huge gunnnnnnnnnn

yo! here's my spaceship in black and white. I guess i assumed that's what everyone would be doing, so eh, here we are.

i won't be in class tonight because i actually left my first class sick. ugh... flu??? yikes. hopefully i can catch up because i hate missing class.


Second attempt

This is my second attempt,The first one didn't seem to take. I began my first assignment by using some roughs I already had to save time. Usually I would work in Illustrator but I'm a bit rusty in this so I used a tutorial that I found to develop my illustration in Photoshop. It's not pretty but it's a start. I took Photoshop a while back also and we didn't spend a great deal of time on the brushes. The turtorial I used is called; zubkavich: calgary pin-up tutorial and I found it on the Drawn! the Illustration Blog.

SpAcE sHiP

Here is my beloved space ship, it is not as fancy looking as I hoped it to be, but I have some issues with illustrator so I finished it up in photoshop.

Assignment 1 - TenBu

Here it is. Not a big fan of spaceships anymore.

Spaceship Spot Illustration - Kat Smith

As per the suggestions in class, I reformatted the 'bumper sticker' and added some texture panels to reinforce the "tech" look. I didn't make any major changes because honestly, at this point, I'd rather move on to another project or start this one over from scratch with what I've learned.

Updated Spot Color - Spaceship"

I've made the changes to me spaceship that were suggested. Moved the poster, altered the window, reversed the blasters, added new guns with new-fangled lasers and fixed the antenna.
Still not very happy with the lasers and how all the blasters,fins and guns all blend together at the side there....hmmm.

Monday, January 19, 2009

D. O'Neill Assignment #1

Assignment #1 B Cady REDO

Ship fixed, highlights redone, second engine added to the other side to balance the angle of the one on the other side.

Space Junker

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jade Stevens- Assignment # 1

Here's... my crazy spaceship. This crappy scan is just for now- my scanner at home isn't very big so I could barely fit the thing in there (which is why there isn't much white space around it- on the original there's plenty) and ended up getting a shadow on it. I'll scan it in again at the CNM before class on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spaceship Concept Art

Hey all! 

I was rummaging around the interwebs looking for some nice inspiration for Spaceships, and stumbled upon the Eve Online MMO page- its all spaceships! They had some awesome concept art and screenies, figured I'd share.

Concept Art (click on "Archives" from the menu on the left for more)
Screenshots from In-Game (Again, archives and "player submitted" from the menu for more)


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Due on Tuesday Jan 20th

Thanks for the great class everyone. Thanks for the critiques and the hard work.

Please post your finished Spot Illustration on this blog before the start of class on Tuesday. If you have any problems, email me or come to class early.

Also, please bring the following to class:

1. A Photograph that you would like to practice painting.

See you on Tuesday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome Class!

I hope everyone gets this blog thing.