Thursday, March 20, 2008

Artwork for a Show...

Linda Rzoska has asked me for artwork from the class for a student show. I asked for some earlier, but not many responded. Linda told me that they really need artwork for the show and I know there is some great stuff from the class that could go in it. She needs the high resolution files by the end of next week so please bring the files to class on Tuesday. The class as a whole had some really great elephant illustrations and these sequential projects are looking really great as well.

Please bring all the files that you would like to have in the student show.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Due on Tuesday March 25th!

Please bring to class (which starts at 6:00)

1. 3 finished sequential illustrations

-Post them on your blog
-Bring the large finished files

2. One Moji character

-500px x 500px

3. Have posted 4 comments on other people's in progress sequential illustration.

The illustrations are looking great. Have fun with the Mojis.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Due on Tuesday March 18th

Please have your 3 finished illustrations for the sequential project ready by:

1. Posting them on your blog.
2. Bringing the high resolution files to class.
3. Being ready for a long critique.

Good luck!

Three sketches for Sequential project...

I hope that everyone is at least this far.

For class, Tuesday March 11...

Please post on your blog your basic concept for your sequential piece and bring your piece to work on. I will talk to you all individually while you work on them in class.