Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Painter Hotkeys!

Here are a few Painter helps that I have found on the internet.

1. Painter "Keys"...

M = Magnifier
G = Grabber
E = Rotate Page
"." = Perspective (that's a period)
C = Crop
L = Lasso
W = Magic Wand
P = Pen
Q = Quick Curve
I = Rectangular Shape
J = Oval Shape
B = Brush (Freehand)
V = Brush (Straight Lines - not represented by a separate icon in the Tools palette.)
K = Paint Bucket
D = Dropper
R = Rectangular Selection
O = Oval Selection
F = Layer Adjuster
S = Selection Adjuster
H = Shape Selection
T = Text
Z = Scissors
A = Add Point
X = Remove Point
Y = Convert Point

I got this list from this ConceptArt forum.

2. "Merging" layers is called "Collapsing" layers in Painter.
First select the layers you want merged by holding the "shift" key and selecting them with the mouse. Second, press "Command+G" to put them in a group. Third, press "Command+Shift+X" to collapse them.

3. Undo is the same as Photoshop "Command+Z", but redo is "Command+Y".

4. When you create a layer sometimes you can't paint on the new layer. Here is what I found out about that:

Painter X (and I assume Painter 9) has a bug that makes it appear the Preserve Transparency box is disabled when it actually is enabled (even though there's no check in the box).


Click in the Preserve Transparency box until a checkmark appears. Then click once more to uncheck it and you should now be able to draw and paint on transparent areas of the Layer.

You'll need to do this again in each new Painter session.

I got that here.

There are many more questions answered in this forum:
http://www.conceptart.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=23 at ConceptArt.org
You can sign up for the forum and ask questions yourself as well.

I just wanted to thank the people that I quoted for the helps they have provided.

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