Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Illustration Friday Assignment: Legendary

Well, here it is. The first thing I thought of (oddly enough) when thinking of the word "Legendary" was the legendary Hunt of the Unicorn, where hunters pursue unicorns through the woods with their hounds biting at the poor creatures heels- all because of its one horn, which was said to be able to detect poison when made into a cup... And heal too, I think. Don't take my word on the last bit. XD
After doing some sketches- some of which were kind of disturbing o.O... i.e. dead unicorns in pools of their own blood... I somehow ended up with this. XD (Which is pretty much just as disturbing.)

I think I'm going to call it... "Broken Soul"... or maybe "Betrayal".
Though "Betrayal" sounds more mysterious... and a lot less cliche than "Broken Soul". XD


INDIGENE said...

What a great illustration! Full of drama and color!

Kaylan e. Senour said...

I really like it, Jade! Turned out nice.

The only thing that I might suggest (SORRY!)-

The glow looks like its just behind him, not around him. Maybe if you have time sometime to sort of bring the glow around to the front of his neck, around the top of the mane.. you know what I'm saying?

xenos said...

pretty sad imagery there. enough to make it disturbingly striking.

Anonymous said...

Very dramatic and sad. If unicorns were real, people would probably actually do this. Great illustration however.

Jim Rowland Creations said...

What an overpowering and sad image! This is the sort of image that stays with you for ages after you've seen it. Nice work!