Sunday, May 10, 2009

Incredibly Late

Hey guys, I realize this is way too late for grading but I still wanted to check in and say "Hi" and let people know that I'm not dead. Had some things come up and I missed the last few weeks of class, and I've only really just gotten back on my feet to take care of stuff.

So, here's my "final" projects. Thanks for the great class everyone, don't be afraid to stay in touch!


-Kaylan e. Senour


James Bryer said...

Hey, Good to hear from you. Hope everything is allright. Nice job I especially like the first sunflower although they are both fine. Very painterly. Talk to you later. Jimbo

Mike Laughead said...

I am sorry that you missed the last weeks of class. Thanks for all the great input in the critiques.

I am really enjoying your final projects. I like the composition in the top one and I really like the intensity of colors in the bottom piece. Especially the way the color works in the shadows.

These also work really well with your smeary style brushstrokes.