Monday, February 16, 2009

Shakespeare poster update

Hi. Worked on suggestions. My changes are pretty subtle. Hopefully I got rid of that white line. Worked on Romeo's forehead and I think it's better. Added touches of highlights into the liquid and picked a new font for the heading.


Kat Smith said...

One thing I didn't notice so much before and am kinda seeing now is that the farther rim of the goblet/chalice should be visible given the angle of the mouth of the cup. Romeo's face looks a lot better. I think, though, that the liquid looks too ... sentient?

Jonas said...

Hi Kat! Thanks for the comments!
I have thought about the back rim issue myself and now I wonder if when I took out some of the liquid, if I should have added just a touch of it. Kinda torn about it still.
Love the "sentient" comment :) You're right of course. I did look at a bunch of spilling wine glasses and even did a live test here at home to check out how it should look and I really do have it all wrong, but if I were to make it "right" the liquid would be on one side of the cup or the other and would kill the symmetry I've got going there. Plus, I like the energy of it even with all its wrongness. If I were to do this from scratch again, there's a lot I would change but I find I've kinda bungled up my layers.

Kaylan e. Senour said...

I like your logic for not "fixing" the liquid; that was one of the things I noticed immediately that you hadn't done. But, it makes sense. I think for the illustration, it works. It doesn't -have- to be true to life!

Romeo's Forehead does look better.

And the font choice for the title does fit really well.

Nice job, Jonas!